I Be Oofing On My Oof!


Hi, my name is Izzy and this is my first blog post. I am very small and really like Harry Potter, Marvel, Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. I love K-pop, normal pop and actually a lot of types of music. I was born on the 2nd of June which was my sister’s 3rd birthday and my Nana and Grandad’s wedding day as well. Hehe, I made my mam miss her dad’s wedding. I have one sister and no brothers. I have 3 pairs of grandparents Granny and Grandad, Nana and Grandad and Nonny and Grandad. So that’s the basic stuff about me. Storytime!

One of my first memories is crawling along the carpet at home and then randomly fracturing my arm. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know. I also spilt coffee on my self a lot as a teeny person. Also, I fell off a sofa and cracked my head open on a coffee table on the same day as one of my classmates fell out of a tree and cracked his leg open (Although I’m not sure if that’s how you say it, oh well!) but I blame that on not being able to see (I wear glasses because I have issues with my depth perception).

So my feet are a source of constant irritation. I’m flat-footed, I have Plantar fasciitis and I have Osgood-Schlatter disease which means my bones grew but my muscles and tendons haven’t caught up (but I couldn’t find a Wikipedia article on that). Also, my ankles turn inwards. All this wrapped up makes what I like to call knife pains (because it feels like I’m getting a knife stabbed into my foot) and extreme pains when I go on walks or when I go for a run or when I stand up for too long. Fun!

Anyway, thanks for reading my first blog post and hopefully now you know a little more about me and some of the things I like/have wrong with me and I will see you next time,


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